Friday, 25 March 2016

Ransomware is now infecting #Mac users! Be very careful and make sure you have a strong #iCloud password!

"First and foremost, make sure that your iCloud account has a very secure password. Longer is better. As long as your password is long, and is not a quote from a book, movie, song or other media, and it’s not a common expression, and it’s not something that could be guessed with a little cyberstalking, it does not need to be horribly complex.
A password like “horse airplane rutabaga flashlight” is far more secure than a complex but shorter password like “h@c|<me.”
Second, DO NOT use the same password on any other site!
Ideally, every online account should have a different password, and you should be using a password manager (like 1Password or LastPass) to keep track of all of them. This prevents situations where a server gets compromised and leaks your password, and then the hacker is able to use that password to access all your other accounts."

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