Friday, 11 March 2016

Hopefully you haven't been subscribed to #DickSmith newsletters or bought anything from their online store - as your customer details are now up for sale.

"After attempting to find an interested buyer to keep the business afloat, receivers Ferrier Hodgson announced in late February there was no white knight on the horizon and that the Dick Smith would have to be closed for good. The announcement was grim news for roughly 3,000 staff working in Dick Smith's 363 stores across Australia and New Zealand, who were told their stores would be shuttered by late April.
As part of the closure process, Ferrier Hodgson announced a fire sale to clear excess stock, fixtures and essentially anything that wasn't bolted down, all in order to raise money for creditors.
Now, it seems, there's more up for grabs.
The receivers placed an advertisement in a New Zealand newspaper on Wednesday, seeking urgent expressions of interest for Dick Smith's digital business, including its brands and trademarks, and website and domain names."

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