Friday, 10 June 2016

An interesting read on the new Windows Holographic!

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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Dont forget about our GSBF event we are hosting in August!

As part of the 2016 - Geelong Small Business Festival, Jonathan Harris will be presenting "iPhone & iPad Your Business On The Move".

How to stay in touch and manage your business with an iPhone or iPad while on the move
Stuck in your office, when you should be out seeing clients? Come and learn how to stay connected. 
What apps should I use to save me searching through thousands of options?
Where to store your business data; server – cloud – laptop – iPad.
How to manage 100’s of different passwords securely.
How to synchronise your eMail, calendar and documents.

Over the past 16 years JNH Software has implemented cost saving software, apps and IT solutions for many Geelong Small Businesses.
How to use technology to give exceptional customer service, be more responsive and get mobile. 

Register Here:

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Check our latest newsletter on the Sticky Notes in Windowa

Sticky Notes
Since Windows 7, we have had access to this great little accessory. If you are not already using it – read on to see if it might help you. Instead of 20 different post-it notes stuck around the outside of your monitor, you can use Sticky Notes to have them appear on your computer desktop. Less chance of one of them falling off and not getting done. You can do away with putting passwords on a post-it note, instead hide it in a Sticky Note. But what I use it for is my current ToDo list, and my “Don’t forget these things” list.

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