Friday, 18 September 2015

In case you have been under a rock the last week, the new #iPhone and #iPads have been unveiled!

"The iPhone 6s steals the show, but the iPad Pro is also worthy of attention

iPhone 6s
So what's new? Well, with the iPhone 6s Apple has unveiled a phone that's almost identical in design to the iPhone 6 but boasts a host of new features. Chief among these is the much-vaulted 3D Touch – the name Apple is giving to what has previously been known as Force Touch."
iPhone 6s review - 3D Touch
3D Touch! Apple Pencil! 12 megapixels! Rose gold finish! These are just a few of the words likely to have been floating around your social networks last night as Apple lifted the lid on both the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro.

Read the full story here:,apple-announces-3d-touch-iphone-6s-and-enormous-ipad-pro.aspx

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