Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Got the new #iPhone 6S or 6S Plus ? Here's a quick guide on the new 3D Touch feature and how to use it.

Peek and Pop

"While quick actions make it convenient to perform tasks from your home screen, Peek and Pop allow you to get more done on any screen.
Developers have a few different options for implementing Peek and Pop. One example is in the Messages app, where by light-pressing on a message thread your device will display a small preview of the conversation. Think of this as a way to peek into the thread, without actually opening it (and marking the message as read). You can swipe up when peeking into a conversation, revealing a list of actions such as custom text replies. You can also peek at emails in the Mail app.
The "peek" will remain active as long as your finger remains on the screen; lifting it off will close it. Also, you don't have to keep applying pressure on the screen once it's activated.
The "Pop" portion comes into play as you press harder on the screen when previewing a message or viewing content. A deep-press will fully open the content you are viewing, allowing you to interact with it.
You can also peek at URLs, flight numbers, dates on your calendar and a long list of other bits of information presented on your screen. If a portion of a message has text underlined, odds are iOS has identified information in that message you can preview using Peek and Pop."

Read the full story here: http://www.cnet.com/au/how-to/getting-started-with-3d-touch-on-the-iphone-6s-6s-plus/