Friday, 23 October 2015

After the ‪#‎metadata‬ laws being introduced, VPN's have become very popular. Learn what they are and how to choose a ‪#‎VPN‬ here

While a lot of Australians considered a virtual private network as "the way to get Netflix," there's a lot more to VPNs than that. In fact, there's a host of reasons while you might consider paying for a VPN service.
VPN use in Australia has sky-rocketed in the wake of mandatory data retention laws and the Dallas Buyers Club rights holders winning the court decision to access pirates' details. And don't forget, VPNs are still highly recommended as a basic security precaution if you're a regular user of public Wi-Fi hotspots.
So, if you're thinking of getting a VPN for yourself what should you be looking for? In general, there are a few key points to consider when picking out a VPN provider:

  • The location of the company and its servers
  • The encryption protocols it uses for your data
  • What policies it has around logging activity and the personal details of users
  • Any limitations it might have on bandwidth or how much data you can transfer
  • What operating systems and devices it supports
  • How much are you paying -- and in what currency
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